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The Tutora Blog

Classroom Tech: How Virtual Reality is Helping to Bring Learning to Life

By Matt J, Fri 10th Mar

The way that we learn has evolved over time, from philosophers passing on their secrets via word of mouth to the invention of the Gutenberg press and the rise of the World Wide Web. And with the 21st century well underway, tutors and teachers for all age groups have access to...

A Personal Trainers Opinion: "What makes a great one to one tutor?"

By Giorgio C, Thu 2nd Mar

As a Personal Trainer, I often teach people on a one to one basis. I have become accustomed to probing questions. One of the most frequent I am asked is, “What is the most important part of being a one to one personal trainer?” Well, now I have an answer......

How To Teach English And Maths So Your Students REALLY Get It

By Giorgio C, Mon 13th Feb

I spent years telling children how to write things – and sometimes they got the idea straight away. But, very often, they didn’t. In this article I'm going to share the method which has been most effective for me over the years in ensuring your students really understand what you're trying to teach them....

A Parent's Guide to Maths University Applications

By Giorgio C, Fri 10th Feb

The application process for Maths applicants at the top Universities can be confusing, with a plethora of different admissions tests, interviews and entry requirements. This guide should help make sense of it....

The 3 Key Components To Choosing A Music Teacher

By Giorgio C, Thu 9th Feb

Finding a music tutor can be a daunting task. It’s exciting for them to begin learning to play an instrument yet it’s also incredibly stressful to find a quality music teacher who’s serious about ensuring your child succeeds with their instrument. Fortunately, we've had plenty of experience on both sides of the table......

Tech will Save Us!

By Scott W, Wed 4th Jan

Tech will Save Us is inspiring the next generation of inventors and tech enthusiasts. We spoke to their Co-Founder and Director, Bethany Koby, about the team's own inspirations and aims....

Top 20 Tech Tools for Teachers

By Scott W, Wed 30th Nov

How to use tech in the classroom? As we move towards 2017, here are our top tips for the best new technology to use in your classroom. Here are all of the best websites we've seen in recent months....

How can Technology Improve Learning?

By Scott W, Mon 14th Nov

At Tutora, we passionately believe that technology can lead to great advances in the quality of education provision. We spoke to Atif Mahmood, Founder of Lumici Slate, who gave us his take on how schools can improve learning by harnessing new technologies....

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