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Frequently Asked Questions

For Students

What is Tutora?

Tutora is an online platform which enables parents and students to find the right tutor for them. We seek to bring accountability to the world of tuition by allowing students to leave reviews and help others to find their perfect match.

What subjects and ages does Tutora cover?

Tutora offers tuition in any subject, at any level. We cater from infants to adults, including Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level. If you cannot find an appropriate tutor, let us know and we will do our best to seek them out.

What is our tutor selection process?

We seek out the best tutors around to ensure that we offer the highest quality of education. We vet every tutor and only let them join our team if we feel they will offer a professional, expert service. Every tutor must have a fully completed profile page and the requisite experience in their subject area.

How do I know that I’m getting a great tutor?

At Tutora, we want to provide students with the best tutors. Not only do we vet tutors initially, we also use a powerful algorithm to rate each tutor and remove profiles from tutors who do not reach the standards we believe in. Amongst other things, we look at:

  • how quickly tutors reply to messages
  • how many students choose to book with them
  • how many repeat clients they secure and the number of lessons they have together
  • the reviews students leave on their lessons
  • the quality of each tutor’s profile
  • whether they have a DBS check
  • their professionalism in working with us at Tutora
Unlike other sites who purely provide a matching service, we work more closely with tutors and can, therefore, make sure that our tutors offer an excellent service to help you reach your learning goals!

Do your tutors have a DBS check?

Tutors are not required to have a DBS check to join our site, as many of our learners are over the age of 16. Tutors who have a DBS check are awarded the ‘I have a DBS check’ status on their profiles. Parents should always accompany children during their tuition sessions and never leave children unattended with tutors.

What support does Tutora offer?

We care about every student’s learning and want to ensure that you receive the best service possible. You can call us or email us and we are always here to help with any queries you might have, to ensure that you have the best experience possible and achieve your personal goals.

How do I exchange contact details with a tutor?

Once a lesson is booked and confirmed, we will send you each others’ phone number and email address so you can iron out the smaller details or share practise material/assignments to be studied. Until then, our messaging system allows you to message students to agree on all of the details of their tuition. Our automated text notifications mean that this is an exceptionally speedy process. By keeping all of the messages on the site, we can ensure that every student finds the right tutor for them and, therefore, help tutors gain more clients.

How do I book and pay for sessions?

Once you have found a suitable tutor, message them on the site to agree a time and location for your first session. When you are both happy, the tutor will book the lesson for you and you will be requested to confirm the session by entering your payment details. No payment will be taken until after the session has taken place, but you must confirm your first session by entering your payment details at least 12 hours prior to the lesson. If you fail to do so, the lesson will be cancelled and the tutor will not attend.
You only need to confirm your first lesson. All future lessons will automatically be confirmed and you will receive an email reminder 24 hours prior to the lesson and an invoice 24 hours afterwards. You can manage all of your bookings from your dashboard or contact us for help.
Our tutors do not accept cash and all lessons are booked through the site.

Where do tuition sessions take place?

Sessions can take place wherever you and the tutor agree. Generally, tuition will take place at either the student’s or tutor’s home. Different tutors have different preferences so check out their travel policy (on their profile page) or send them a message.

How much does tuition cost?

Sessions vary in price depending on the level of study, subject selected and experience of the tutor. Generally, sessions cost between £20 and £35 per hour. The best way to find out the price is by making a search for your area and subject.

What if I want to book multiple sessions?

We understand the value of booking a block of sessions - so do our tutors. It offers both parties peace of mind and affords structure for learning. If you would like to book more than one session, just let your tutor know and they will set up a weekly lesson for you.

Does Tutora offer any guarantee?

Yes. We are very confident about the standard of our tutors so, if you are not entirely happy with your tutor after your first session, let us know within 48 hours and we will offer the first hour with another tutor for free. Please see our terms and conditions for details.

What if I want to book multiple sessions?

We understand the value of booking a block of sessions - so do our tutors. It offers both parties peace of mind and affords structure for learning. If you would like to book more than one session, just let your tutor know and they will set up a weekly lesson for you.

How can I cancel a booking?

To cancel a session, just log in to your Tutora account and go to your lessons. You will be able to cancel a lesson directly from the dashboard. Lessons cancelled more than 12 hours in advance will receive a full refund. To cancel a lesson less than 12 hours before it is due to begin you will need to contact your tutor. Lessons cannot be cancelled after the due start time.

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