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Frequently Asked Questions

For Tutors

What is Tutora?

Tutora is an online platform which helps tutors find new students by allowing you to advertise your tuition services. We help you to manage all of your bookings in one place and process payment so you can focus on tutoring and grow your business.

How often do I have to tutor?

You can tutor as little or as much as you want to. Some of our tutors will teach one hour a week, whilst others will treat it as a full time position. Our dashboard and tutor tools are designed to provide equally for both.

What subjects can I tutor through Tutora?

Tutora offers tutors a wide variety of subjects, and at any level from Primary School through to A-level and beyond. We are seeking tutors to teach learners of all ages and abilities, from primary school children to adults, in any subject.

How do I get listed on your website?

Click the ‘Become a Tutor’ link in the banner to create an account, and then fill out your profile. We will check your application and ensure that you represent yourself professionally to students. To ensure quality, we vet every tutor and only accept those we feel can offer a great service for learners. Make sure that you add your relevant qualifications and grades, as well as writing a full bio which outlines your tutoring or teaching experience and your subject expertise.

What happens after I complete my profile?

When you have completed your application, your profile will initially be pending. One of our team will review it within 3 days, and will send you an email and a text message to let you know whether you have been successful. Parents and students will then be able to view your profile.

Do I need a DBS check?

You do not require a DBS check to tutor with us. Many of our students are over the age of 16 and parents should always accompany their children during sessions.

This being said, many parents prefer their tutor to have a DBS check, so we recommend getting one to increase the numbers of students who will be happy to book with you. We accept recent (within two years) enhanced DBS checks (or the equivalent in Scotland and Northern Ireland) - simply upload a copy of your certificate or enter your update service details on the profile page DBS section. Tutors must not claim to have a DBS check in their bio without having uploaded a valid certificate.

If you have not had a recent Enhanced DBS check and would like one, please contact us and we will help you process your application. The cost of a DBS check is £50.

What subjects can I tutor through Tutora?

Tutora offers tutors a wide variety of subjects, and at any level from Primary School through to A-level and beyond. We are seeking tutors to teach learners of all ages and abilities, from primary school children to adults, in any subject.

Where do tuition sessions take place?

Sessions can take place wherever you and the student agree. Generally, tuition will take place at either the student’s or tutor’s home. You can set your own travel policy, which will be communicated to students on your profile page.

How much should I charge?

Sessions vary in price depending on the level of study, subject selected and experience of the tutor. Generally, sessions cost between £20 and £35 per hour. The best way to decide on the price to set is by looking at the prices charged by other tutors in your area and for the subject you wish to teach.

How will students contact me?

After your profile is live, interested students will be able to send you messages via our internal messaging system. We will send you an email notification and text messages when a student has sent you an enquiry to make sure you pick up every message.

As well as students contacting you directly, we will also email you about relevant tutoring jobs in your area, which will also be added to your tutor dashboard. To apply for jobs, simply let students know how, when and where you can help, as well as explaining why you would be the best fit for them or their child.

How do I get to the top of the search results?

At Tutora, we want to provide students with the best tutors. we provide four key metrics on your dashboard: Response Time, Booking Score, Repeat Client Score and Reviews:

Response Time

The quicker you respond to new enquiries, the more likely a parent or student is to book with you - tutors who respond within an hour double the chances a client will book a lesson. The Response Time on your dashboard is the time it has taken you to respond to the last six first-time messages you have received.

Booking Score

Your booking score is a measure of how likely a client is to book with you after sending you an enquiry. This score is created by comparing you to the performance of other tutors on the site.

Repeat Client Score

The Repeat Client Score measures how many lessons you have with each student. This is not the average number of lessons you have with each student, as many students have far more than ten lessons! Your score is instead how you compare to other tutors on our site. You can improve your score by building long-term relationships with tutors, booking in more lessons and always following up with students who take a break or are undecided about whether they would like to continue.


Reviews tell us how your clients found your lessons. To gain more positive reviews, we recommend asking every client you have taught and asking them for a review on Tutora

By improving in these areas, you will see your profile rise up the search results and will then be able to gain a higher number of students and secure a better hourly rate.

Remember, we are always here to help you in all of these areas, so just get in touch with us if you need any help.

Why is my profile no longer showing?

Not only do we vet tutors initially, we also use feedback from students and the information on the lessons tutors deliver to ensure that we continually provide a great standard of teaching by only supporting the best tutors. If your score falls below a certain threshold, we may hide your profile from our search results and limit your access to jobs. We feel that it’s only fair to students if we provide truly expert tutors. Similarly, this means that tutors are rewarded for delivering great sessions and a professional service.

How do I exchange contact details with a student?

Once a lesson is booked and confirmed, we will send you each others’ phone number and email address so you can iron out the smaller details or share practise material/assignments to be studied. Until then, our messaging system allows you to message students to agree on all of the details of their tuition. Our automated text notifications mean that this is an exceptionally speedy process. By keeping all of the messages on the site, we can ensure that every student finds the right tutor for them and, therefore, help tutors gain more clients.

How do I book and get paid for lessons?

Once you and a student have agreed the time, date and location of your first session, you must make a booking using the ‘Book a Lesson’ tab. The student will then be emailed and text to ask them to confirm the session by entering their payment details.

Students have up to 12 hours before their first session to confirm the lesson by entering their payment details. If they fail to do so, the lesson will be cancelled and you should not attend as you will not be paid.

Tutora will process payment for all of the lessons you teach. We take payment 24 hours after each session and pay you directly into your bank account 7-9 days later. We check that funds are available prior to every lesson you book which means that you are guaranteed to be paid. With Tutora you will never have to chase students for payment, have those awkward conversations, track bank transfers or take cheques to the bank. Simple.

Tutors must not accept cash. Any tutors who do so will be liable to a £50 fine per student and removed from our site.

How do I make a repeat booking?

When sending a booking request, you have the option of selecting weekly or fortnightly repeat lessons. That will automatically create a recurring booking for the same time each week or fortnight. This removes the hassle of creating regular bookings individually, improves your tutor score and provides students with the benefit of a more regular timetable.

Do students need to confirm every session?

Students are only required to confirm their first session with a tutor. From then on, they will receive an email reminder 24 hours before each lesson and an invoice email 24 hours after each lesson.

How much does it cost to use Tutora?

Creating a profile on Tutora is completely free, but we work hard to advertise on your behalf and bring in new students. In return, we take a commission of between 15% and 25%, based on the number of sessions you have taught in the last 12 months. The commission structure is:
25% - 1-99 lessons
20% - 100-299 lessons
15% - 300+ lessons

This reflects how we will help you to grow your tuition business over time and the ongoing relationship we forge with tutors. In the meantime, we will advise you when to up your rate as you become a more popular tutor. This ensures that your rate of pay will continually improve over time.

How do I cancel a session?

You can cancel a lesson at any time prior to a lesson starting, though you must make every effort to inform your student about the reasons for your cancellation. To cancel a session, just log in to your Tutora account and go to your lessons. You will be able to cancel a session directly from the dashboard.

What happens if a student cancels a session?

We understand that cancelled lessons can be frustrating. Another benefit of tutoring with us is that we help you secure a more steady income. Students can cancel prior to 12 hours before the lesson start time for free, but will be charged 50% of the lesson fee after that point until the time at with the lesson was due to start. Any lessons cancelled after this time will be charged at full price.

We give every tutor the choice about whether they enforce these charges. If a regular student is truly ill then it may be more appropriate to offer a full refund. We will help you with these decisions.

Why do you require my ID and billing information?

In order to comply with money laundering regulations, we need to collect additional information before we can release any payments to your account. This includes your date of birth, billing address, and a government issued photo ID (i.e. passport and driving license).

We require your billing information so that we can pay you!

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