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We’re on a mission!

Kids love being outdoors, visiting new places and being inspired by the world around them… that’s why we want you to help us to ‘Get Kids Out Learning!

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Drop the phone and step away from the laptop...
Drop the phone and step away from the laptop...

Many parents will remember a glorious time of muddy knees, grazes and cheeky grins.

At Tutora, we can see the huge value in children being able to fully engage with the world around them. What better time of year than the great British summertime to launch our campaign to get young learners out and about?!

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How to Get Involved
From museums to farms, art galleries to space centres… you can take part if you can spark the imagination and inspire learning.
promotional flyers
We will be including the best attractions in promotional flyers to be sent to schools and families across the UK.
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Every attraction gets a free profile on our site, which lists all the reasons families should visit during the Summer.
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Attractions will be listed in our monthly emails to let families know about the top educational attractions near them.
unique stamps
Attractions will be sent their unique stamp to be part of our Summer stamp challenge, offering families the chance to win great prizes!
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