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Julia H

5 (2 reviews)

I have been teaching French and Spanish for 12 years and really enjoy what I do! I have taught in three different secondary schools and one primary school. (Year 3 to Year 11). I have a lot of experience helping pupils through their GCSEs and I am currently teaching the new French GCSE to my Year 10s.I have also been Head of MFL for three years and have experience mentoring new and trainee teachers. I encourage use of the target language as much as possible and aim to make pupils speak spontaneously about current topics and news.


5 (2 reviews)
Zoe F

I would highly recommend Julia, her teaching is clear and concise. My son's learning has accelerated significantly in the first few lessons. Julia has good material, she is thorough, works at a good pace and helps to keep motivation between lessons

Angela B

I've had a few french lessons with Julia now and she is fantastic! I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of starting or refreshing their language skills.

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