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Daniel W

5 (4 reviews)
Ladybank, Cupar

I am a passionate and personable individual aiming to help students achieve and unlock their potential. I am a member of Scotland's PVG police disclosure scheme. I like to utilise a variety of teaching strategies to support learning. From my training in education support and research through the PGDE in primary education I posses an extensive knowledge of educational theory. This enables me to tailor lessons to provide appropriate support for students.
I have an 3rd class Honours degree in Forensic Science from the Robert Gordon University which covers biology, chemistry and population genetics as well as criminology and law and can tutor students in these curriculum areas. In addition I use my work experience as a Laboratory analyst to help students put theory into practice and develop the critical thinking and problem solving skills that they will need to be lifelong learners.
I have a passion for learning and studied the certificate in highers course at Dundee and Angus College where I completed the following subjects Higher History, English and Intermediate 2 Mathematics. I can support students who wish to develop an understanding in these topic areas at GCSE/standard grade level. Having worked in science for several years I can advise students wishing to pursue a career in science.
I also have been teaching English to students in Austria and can speak very good German. I have been playing Ukulele for 2 years and can support students wishing to start learning the instrument.


5 (4 reviews)
Rodizza B

Daniel is a great tutor, he uses alternative yet efficient ways of teaching. I have been in positions where I have pulled myself back from learning because I would ask teachers questions and they would make me feel stupid but with Daniel, he is very patient and understanding. He caters to your needs and is always prepared. My parents also really liked the fact that he took the time to talk to my parents to let them know how I was getting on and updating them at every lesson. I would recommend Daniel to everyone as he is very flexible in the ways he teaches.

Deborah P

Daniel is always very punctual, in fact always early. He comes armed with an action plan which works well for my son who likes to know what's happening and when / how. My son was very resistant to having a tutor but having gone from 40% to 89% in the space of two weeks, Daniel has built his knowledge, understanding and confidence in maths and we have no resistance from my son, in fact he actually remembers things to ask Daniel during the week. It's a win win situation for us.

Martha B

Daniel is extremely professional and seems to have quickly understood the elements of maths that my daughter is struggling with. He's good at challenging her and has many techniques to help her understand numbers.

Maxine J

Daniel has attended us 3 times now and so it is still early days. I was impressed that he quickly made an assessment of my daughter's learning needs and communicated these to us with a proposed course of action. Although not a teacher of Modern Studies, he shows confidence with the material and working with individual learning styles. One of the ways that I gauge success with a tutor is how well he is able to engage with the client. At this early stage, my daughter seems to find his input helpful and continues to engage with him. I look forward to getting to know Daniel better and seeing how things progress going forward. So far, so good!

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