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Gemma M


Having worked in education for over fifteen years in a variety of roles, I love my role as a private tutor. I am a qualified primary school teacher with over five years of teaching experience in a mainstream classroom and over a year working with key marginal children to ensure their progress in an small group setting with intensive focus to SATS preparation in Year 2 and Year 6.

Prior to that, I have further experience as a teaching assistant in primary and secondary school settings, as a playgroup assistant and as a Sea Cadet Civilian Instructor working alongside eleven to eighteen year olds. I have worked with children and young people constantly and have a degree in Early Childhood Studies with Practitioner Options, which involved teaching/workplace experience prior to graduating as a teacher. I am also working towards my Masters degree in Education to constantly develop my skills.

I love to empower my students by engaging them in their learning and tailoring it to their needs as well as their personalities. What works for one child, may not work for another and I understand that to enable them to achieve, they need to trust me to support them on their learning journeys. I fully use praise and positive motivation to encourage, but also have high behaviour expectations to ensure focus and attainment. I know that the idea of one-to-one tutoring for some can seem daunting so try to balance formality and focus as well as building up a level of friendship and rapport between teacher and pupil to encourage them to succeed.

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