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Emily D

5 (5 reviews)

After finishing high school at The West Bridgford School I stayed on to achieve 3 A* A-levels in Maths, Economics and Chemistry. Whilst studying for these, I gained experience tutoring my siblings/(siblings friends) who went on themselves to achieve high GCSE maths grades. My enthusiastic, patient and friendly personality helps students to feel at ease with my clear-step teaching methodology. I have successfully taught pupils of both primary and secondary age, GCSE students and those seeking to pass their professional maths skills test.

I went onto study Economics at Warwick University, from which I graduated with a first class degree last summer. I am familiar with student-centered and student-friendly teaching-learning approaches as during my undergraduate degree I took on the role of an Economics Mentor. Throughout the programme I gained excellent communication and explanatory skills as I interacted with students from a diverse range of background on complex academic problems.

Currently on a gap year, I wish to expand my tutoring services and gain in-classroom maths teaching experience before applying for my PGCE to qualify as a secondary school maths teacher this autumn. By providing an interactive, engaging and tailored learning experience, I believe all students have the potential to succeed at Maths in order to follow the career path of their dreams.


5 (5 reviews)
Neeshi S

Emily has been tutoring my daughter for a few weeks now. She is an excellent tutor who has a lot of knowledge regarding mathematics.
She has helped clarify key topics and made her aware of simple and logical methods so my daughter can answer questions from past papers successfully.
She is also very friendly, patient, and clear and concise when teaching.
Would highly recommend.
Fantastic teacher!

Carla P

Emily is very supportive, patient with explaning methods. She listens to what you need then puts together a support package around the areas you need development in.
My son feels he has improved already.

Amy J

Emily helped me so much with maths that I was able to pass my numeracy skills test FIRST TIME! Emily's lessons helped me gain back my confidence and refreshed my mind completely. 100% recommend Emily as a maths tutor, she broke everything down for me so i was able to understand things i wasn't 100% with (which was alot). Thank you !!

Caren H

Emily has been tutoring my 15-year old daughter. My daughter's confidence has increased massively, she loves the lessons and is keen to go every week. Emily goes over and above what is required - she spends time preparing for lessons by looking at past papers and preparing homework. She suggests topics for the next lesson and she doesn't waste any time during tutor sessions - she focuses completely on the tutoring. I am really pleased with Emily's tutoring and with the help that she is giving my daughter. I would 100% recommend Emily.

Jade E

My daughter is doing so well since starting tution with emily. She has started to enjoy maths again and her passion for learning maths has come on. She really enjoys going each week. Emily is very nice and puts in alot of effort to make it enjoyable as well as educational.
Highly recommend her to anyone needing a maths tutor

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