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Sophie S

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Enborne, Newbury

I have recently completed my Biology degree at the University of Southampton. I am an enthusiastic person, and love teaching people about science. I currently run a blog which has shown me how much I enjoy educating others. I am offering tutoring in Biology to A-level students who want to boost their Biology over the Summer in order to start School/College again in September with a better understanding of the subject. Unfortunately, I will only be available in the Newbury area from now until September as I am undertaking a Masters degree come September.
I will help my students in anyway that they see fit. For example, if you learn best through practising exam questions, then that is what I will focus on. I am also happy to help your understanding of biology through talking you through the subject, or providing videos and visual descriptions of the subject.


5 (1 reviews)
Peter S

My Daughter is very happy with Sophie, and she explains the subject in the way my daughter understands. and is very professional in every way.

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