My first private student gained an A in Lit and a B in Lang!

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Victoria C

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My name is Vicki and I am a fully qualified teacher of English who has had six continuous years (post graduating) of teaching secondary English up to GCSE level.

I have the ability to support your child for their SATs or GCSE, mostly in English.

My exact qualification is a BA (Hons) in English Key Stage 2/3 Education with QTS. This means that I am fully qualified to teach the 7-14 years age range. However, my actual work has included up to GCSE in English Literature, Language, iGCSE, Drama and Media Studies.

In my first post (post qualifying), I worked at a top performing high school in Nantwich in Cheshire (2011-2012). The school had an almost 80% success rate for English at A*-C and I was proud to part of the team. This initial teaching post provided a strong platform for my career and supplied me with excellent further training and professional development opportunities. In this employment, my teaching included English across the ability and age range, Media Studies (mixed ability) and Drama (higher ability). Successes include year 7s who reached level 7 (APP) from an entry of a level 5, lower ability year 11s achieving the C-D borderline who had a target of an E and Media Studies students who were on track for A*-C. Overall, a very enjoyable job. A shame it was just a 1 year Maternity post!

My next post was at a large academy in Wigan (2012-2015). This school was very different to my previous school and involved a completely different educational perspective. I was employed to work as an SEN/mainstream teacher of English and humanities to the academy's weakest cohort of students. This employment has enabled me to develop a vast range of skills, knowledge and understanding about how children learn, special educational needs and behaviour. My role enabled me to develop a wide range of different teaching styles, differentiation methods, resources and strategies in engaging pupils in their learning. I've had significant successes with pupils who arrive at secondary school with significantly lower attainment levels. On average, these pupils made approximately 4-5 sublevels of progress over a two year period (based on an average of an entry level of a 2a).

Subjects taught in this employment include: English (Specialism), History, Geography, Ethics and Philosophy, PSHE and Literacy.

In order to achieve results in all of my teaching, I have developed monitoring and tracking procedures to determine initial starting points of my pupils which I then compare to in-house systems and plan accordingly to suit the ability range of different classes. There is a high degree of differentiation at both ends of the spectrum to suit the specific learning styles of students; which allows them to access the curriculum at a good level in which to build upon. For lower attaining pupils, this may include resources (including ICT based materials to be adapted/modified) such as targeted questioning materials, handouts, visual aids etc. These materials improve the quality of the learning experience for such learners and enables them to make expected or good progress. For high ability pupils, the opportunity to become lead learners, taking control of their thoughts and understanding and developing on a solid foundation is all in the differentiation. These strategies enable higher order thinkers to take educated risks and ensure that their learning is personalised to them.

A case in point would be my most recent year 7 cohort who are top set. All pupils arrived at the academy with a level 5 or above. Recent tests indicate that most of them are already working at a low level 6 (old APP levelling) with my teaching. By the end of the year, they should be achieving their 'good' progress targets (equivalent to a level 6a) - (2015).

Following on from this employment, I took a career break due to several close family bereavements in a short time. At this time, I worked supply at several high schools in the North-West and developed further skills and attributes to strengthen my ability to teach to a range of different cohorts of students. I then undertook a longer placement at a leafy surburban school in Warrington, Cheshire until the end of the academic year in which my main responsibilities were to deliver intervention strategies to close the gap in learning for all year groups, especially GCSE English students.

For the past academic year (2016-2017), I have worked at a large inner-city Liverpool school and it is here that I have really acquired a more varied and leadership set of skills. I successfully became the new key stage 4 co-ordinator and later Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator/Acting Head of English/Operational Leader of English. This has enabled me to gain access to more training and development in the course of the transition of the English curriculum from old to new. Assessment and frameworks have been implemented by working alongside the director of curriculum and senior leadership of the school. These skills mean that I have worked very closely with external agencies to develop working practices, assessment, planning and liaising with government, examination and teaching and learning agencies.

Your son or daughter's education would be very much in the right hands by employing me to tutor them.

Overall, I consider myself to be a very firm but fair teacher who aspires to understand what each of my pupils' educational ability is as an individual. This is achieved by highly effective communication strategies that I develop with the student, school and parents. I work incredibly hard to ensure that each pupil can reach their full potential no matter what their ability. I strongly believe that education and the ability to learn comes in many shapes and forms and we, as educators, must harvest the individual student's preferred learning style, current knowledge and understanding and what interests them as individuals in order to be successful. I look forward to working with yourselves and your children so that they can reach this potential and lead more conductive lives in the future - whether they are a labourer or a lawyer!

As a mother to three (very tall) sons, I know all too well how education has played a valuable part in my children's lives. Two of my own children have SEN and it has taken a lot of effort and support to get my children from where they were as toddlers to the young men they are today. It's been a long but very fruitful journey in which I had taught my boys to read and write before they went to school and found strategies to support them in other areas in their lives that they struggle with. Schools and very special educational staff have supported this transition and, together, we developed a way for them to succeed. My eldest is now a student at Southport College doing very well indeed.

I've been tutoring now for the past 2 years and I am finding it a very fulfilling role. My first student to go through their GCSEs got an A* in Literature and a B in Language. My second student got two grade 6s (B+) in both subjects. Both students were averaging C/D when I began tutoring them. I am confident that my next student is on course for at least grade 7s (A) for her exams in 2018.

If you feel that you would like this kind of support for your own son or daughter, please do not hesitate to email me for more information. I would be only too pleased to support you in your educational requirements.

Kindest Regards

Victoria Cosgrove


5 (1 reviews)
Nicole F

An excellent tutor, at ease and made my daughter feel very relaxed. Really good rapport.

5 stars

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