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Sareena C

5 (1 reviews)
West Bromwich

I strive hard and achieve results for all my students as they have competed nationally and internationally, as well as all my D/C borderline students getting C`s in their English GCSE. I believe I have developed a well-rounded set of skills including solving problems, patience, making lessons fun and engaging, as well as putting in 100% effort. I am a punctual and organised tutor who is always prepared for lessons.

I recently graduated from the University of Roehampton where I studied English Literature and Creative Writing. I am a charismatic and self-motivated individual who has a strong work ethic and have worked with children for just under 7 years. I am now looking to do my PGCE Primary course in September to help aid my teaching skills and help others. Last year, I had worked my way up to a supervisor position within Arcadia, taken part in Performing Arts projects abroad with Walt Disney and developed on my own personal skills within dance.


5 (1 reviews)
Floyd R

Sareena is a very pleasant, enthusiastic, polite and accommodating person, who is very pupil/ student friendly.
Her lesson-planning and subject-knowledge are 'second to none' and her ability to deliver and impart information is exceptional.
Her tutoring is clear, concise, informative and most importantly fun as she is very much in touch with modern teaching methods and as such she provides a variety of teaching methods to convey her ideas.
I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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