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Fahim K

4.8 (4 reviews)
Whitechapel, London

School leaver finishing the IB Diploma Programme with Higher Level subjects in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry and Standard Level subjects in English, French, and Philosophy. For my exams, I received 6s in Maths, Physics and Chemistry (the equivalent of A grades in SQA Advanced Higher) which are my preferred tutoring subjects but am also willing to tutor French. The Electronics and Systems and Control come from my background in Technological Studies (now called Engineering Science) for which I attained an A at Intermediate 2 and a B at Higher.

I have previously tutored 1 to 1 with many of the students achieving A/B grades in that subject. In my experience, everyone has different perspectives and so can look at the same situation in a different angle and so each person has different needs to be met. Being a tutor, I understand this is the case and believe I can help to meet these needs and boost the grades in that final exam by helping to increase percentages in tests throughout the year.


4.8 (4 reviews)
Claire A

Fahim is a very good tutor with an enthusiastic approach to what he does , both my son and I are very pleased with his teaching and his friendly demeanour . My son feels confident learning with fahim and enjoys his lessons.

Laiba K

I did not have many lessons with him however in the few classes he gave me I could see how dedicated he was in helping his student. He went out of his way in order to prepare me for my math exam and was also really understanding of what I wanted to concentrate on. If he was ever uncertain about a question he would take it away a with him and work on it later and would get back to me with the answer asap. I would surely recommend him as a tutor for maths.

Voke D

Fahim has gone above and beyond to tutor my son. I can confirm that my son has gained more confidence since he started these tutorial sessions. Thanks Fahim, you are a star.✨✨✨✨✨

Lara M

Feedback from my Daughter is Fahim is patient and explains things in a way that she understands. He is quite helpful also giving her revision materials to work with. I also think he is quite committed to helping her succeed.

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