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Steven M

4.9 (12 reviews)

I have graduated many years ago from Strathclyde with Maths related degree and then went on to complete part of a PGDE in Maths at secondary schools. During this time I worked along side teachers and children gaining experience. I have done 1 on 1 tutoring with a lot of kids all at different levels ranging from Primary through to exam level , Nationals and Highers.

After booking a lesson I like to get to know what my students strengths and weaknesses are and building my lesson plans around these needs. Highlighting any problems and overcome them. I like to issue homework to build on key points made during the lesson. I feel 1 on 1 teaching is the best teaching method as the student gets the tutors undevided attention with no distractions.


4.9 (12 reviews)
Suzanne C

After having Steven for a few weeks my Daughters confidence has grown and her maths has improved due to Stevens help.

Hannah C

Steven was a great tutor for my daughter who had previously failed her National 5 Math's exam twice. After a few months help from Steven she finally passed with an A. Would highly recommend.

Lindsay M

Steve has been brillant with my son , he has gained confidence all ready just with a few lessons and seems to be understanding it much better , he is also enjoying maths much more and doing extra work which is a first , time keeping is perfect and very nice manner , highly recommend him.

Tracey D

Steven is tutoring my daughter in Maths and we are delighted with the lessons . Her confidence has increased and Steven makes her feel relaxed and keen to learn . highly recommended .

Heather T

Steven has been a fantastic support to my daughter, who has been struggling with her confidence with National 5 Maths. We have seen him weekly now for a few months and he has made an incredible difference to her outlook on maths and to her confidence concerning her approach to exams in general. Thank you Steven

Scott B

My daughter has improved greatly in the few weeks that Steven has been tutoring maths for her. She gets along well with him and understands the way he explains and delivers the lessons.

Gillian A

Excellent lessons. My kids are very happy and seem more confident now.

Susan R

My daughter feels encouraged by Steven and is able to follow his instructions. Her confidence is improving after each session.

Patricia M

Another great lesson. My daughter's confidence and understanding in maths has vastly improved.

Sheila M

He is very good tutor for maths, he is very good at explaining the problems so you can understand them. He is very helpful and a very good at what he does

Lorna K

I am really pleased with how the first lesson has gone, as was Paul. Thanks Steven ! Lorna

Marjory O

Yes I'm very happy that Steven McMahon is tutoring my son with maths national 5. It appears there is a clear mutual plan on study. He was reliable and punctual.

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