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Nicola W

5 (10 reviews)

I have being working in education for nearly 30 years, my experience covers Early Years, Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Youth (12 to 18) club and adult learning (post 18). Although I have had a lot of classroom practice I now work with home schooled learners, dyslexic learners, autistic learners, adult learners with Mental Health issues and adults taking NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 for English, Maths and ICT. My main starting point is recovering that (I can learn) confident feeling, that many learners appear to have lost before we work on just what they want to learn.

I am looking for work in the following areas: Chertsey, Addlestone, Weybridge, Laleham, Shepperton, Staines and Egham.


5 (10 reviews)
Anna L

Fantastic tutor for my mum. Nicola is patient, organised, resourceful and positive. She got along really well with my mum and we will ask her to help again. Thanks Nicola!

Rebecca B

So glad I've found Nicola. My daughter enjoys her lessons.

Fabiola I

Very happy with my boys Tutor Nicola! She is a lovely, professional lady and my boys both love her!
Thank you Nicola !

Maria M

Nicola is a pretty amazing lady in my opinion. My son has often been viewed as difficult at school because of his Dyslexia; all too often he's got frustrated with literacy & written work. It's been difficult to know how best to help him. When I came across Nicola, I warned her that my son might not accept a tutor at home but I need not have worried. From the first lesson my son had, he was fully engaged & he now eagerly awaits the next! Her style is so much fun that my son doesn't think he is doing any work. For example Nicola recently set up a treasure hunt in the garden; my son had to find the clues she had placed around & work out their order so that he could recount a story. In doing this my son was able to just "click" with the whole writing your own story concept he had been unable to follow at school. Slowly but surely Nicola is winning my son over & its such a relief to come across someone who gets how he thinks.

Gemma D

Nicola is an absolutely brilliant tutor. My son has improved with his English and maths so much. He looks forward to every lesson and learning is fun for him. He finds it much easier to understand now with the extra help.

Julie W

We have been thrilled to find Nicola and get a weekly session with her. She is an absolute gem of a tutor who has a nurturing and caring way about her which is helping build my sons confidence and self esteem with his maths. Her professionalism, sunny disposition and way of teaching is so engaging. We highly recommend Nicola and a huge thank you from us, we are never letting you go!!

Kate A

Thank you so much Nicola - you did a great job helping my 14 year old boy improve his maths but more importantly feel more confident about his own ability. The sessions he has had have been fantastic preparation for his up coming exams and I know you put in a great deal of effort to meet his individual needs. A big thank you from both of us!
I would highly recommend Nicola!

Lisa F

Nicola makes learning fun. She thinks outside the box and her teaching is never boring. During the lesson she is very patient and accommodating, giving lots of encouragement. Always professional. Extremely friendly and through her teaching her wealth of experience shines through. She is very caring and thoughtful and looks after her students like they are her second family. We feel very fortunate to have had Nicola in our lives teaching our child. We thoroughly recommend her.

Lucy C

Nicola is excellent! My daughter is gaining confidence in her maths skills week on week by interacting and playing games! it's lovely to hear her laughing and enjoying herself while she is learning!

Natalie S

A very charismatic lady, who has instantly been loved by my daughter! She is installing Confidence and knowledge, in a fun and capturing way!
Would highly recommend.

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