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Biology,ScienceTutor, 8 years experience in medical teaching

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Alaaeldin E

5 (1 reviews)

It is unquestionable that teaching has always been the primary way of delivering science. Despite other ways of education such as online courses, presentations, video tapes , they always lack the immediate answer to any aroused question. Face to face sessions will always be the strongest way of delivering information and provide the best communication to attract the full attention of students.
Throughout my academic life, I found and came in to contact with several teachers whom I'll never forget mostly because of their personality and quality teaching.
They most propably the only reason that i wanted to be a teacher oneday. I have thsi passion that turns boring lessons to a kind of interesting stories. Good induct and verbal communication are important factors i always put into consideration in my class.
I have been teaching dental sciences for more than eight years now. I used to teach second, third and fourth undergraduate students. Some of them already graduated and they may meet me by a chance giving me a thank you smile. I think this is the true success of any mentor; to see their students have become pioneers of what they learned from them.
I find myself quiet enough qualified tutor in the field of science as i have been learning and teaching science since i have been in high school.
At the time being, i am doing my PhD in biomaterial science and technology in The University of Manchester. My program includes two-year teaching elements which satisfies my passion.
I wish i will not let you down and see your dreams about your students' success becomes true as you always plan for.


5 (1 reviews)
Fahmida K

He is a good tutor with good communication. Very informative and helped my daughter a lot.

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