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Mirjam D

5 (2 reviews)
Tottington, Bury

I am an experienced Maths Teacher teaching in secondary schools and college. I am currently tutoring individuals at all levels (primary through to A level). My strong points are assessing how to motivate and challenge pupils at any Maths level. I have a friendly and engaging personality.

I started teaching in High School and more recently taught in Bury College and Hopwood Hall College. I teach Functional Skills Maths groups and GCSE groups (16-19 and adults). I discovered that a lot of people have negative experiences with maths and have told themselves: “I am not very good at Maths”. I got excellent results because I was able to eliminate misunderstanding, make pupils see how to do the topic correctly and make them retain this information. This results in confidence in maths and I am openly encouraging them to change their view from 'I can’t do maths' to & 'I can do maths but sometimes have to put in more effort than people who are naturally gifted at maths.' This approach got even the most dyslexic and dyscalculic pupils starting enjoy Maths.

I have taught very gifted pupils by giving them material they can do at school in lesson (because they are ahead of peers) and know how to give them the challenge they need. One day this will result in an online Maths school for Gifted Maths pupils. In the meantime, I tutor these pupils to get through all the A and A* topics (sometimes even in primary school).

Besides being able to motivate pupils I am very good to visualise Maths. This means that I can give every topic a real life context and am very capable to make pupils understand what it is about and make them focus on the procedure to get to the right answer. Finally, I have got a lot of experience to get pupils through exams and am full of useful revision and exam tips.


5 (2 reviews)
Helen S

MIrjam is a gift! My daughter feels so relaxed about the taboo subject of GCSE Maths now. Its so evident that Mirjam knows how to motivate and give confidence where it's lacking. Thorough lessons from an experienced practitioner with a fun attitude.

Jenny T

Mirjam is an excellent tutor. My daughter feels much more confident about her forthcoming GCSE maths exam. Mirjam quickly understood my daughters needs and is very thorough and patient in her teaching style. Although maths is not one of my daughters favourite subjects she actually looks forward to and enjoys the lessons. I would highly recommend Mirjam, just wish we'd discovered her sooner!

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