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Jason S

5 (2 reviews)
Whittlesey, Peterborough

I am a qualified dedicated Primary teacher who can adapt to individual learning styles. I am motivated to achieve high standards with challenges that develop understanding in your subject. I will guide your child through their learning journey with a professional, creative approach that will build confidence and self esteem.
I have worked in mainstream Primary for 3 years with experience in teaching different levels and different ages.
I believe in your child's ability to overcome challenges, learn from mistakes and enjoy learning.
Whether your child is ‘not getting’ a topic or needs a helpful refresher, I will help secure their understanding with a fun, relatable, achievable approach.


5 (2 reviews)
Anita L

We have had Jason tutor our Son for several months now. He is very capable, enthusiastic and resourceful. He has managed to engage with him and not only does he look forward to his visits, but actually completes homework with no complaining. This is itself is a great achievement.

Jason has however gone much further, he has fully explained school class work when it has not been fully understood. As importantly, Jason has introduced the concept and ideas that are additional to those he has learnt at school. This has all made our Son find his time with Jason extremely enjoyable.

We are both working parents, Jason has been flexible and supportive, extremely capable, diligent and enthusiastic tutor.

Helen S

Jason has been teaching both of my children who are at different academic levels. He has proven to be reliable and on time. Jason is passionate about helping children learn and his lesson are fun and current. Jason is enthusiastic when teaching and has patience. He is able to talk to both my children at their level so they can understand and progress quickly. Both of my children have grown in confidence and enjoy Jasons lessons.

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